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Welcome to The Arsenal Ticket Exchange service, where season ticket holders that are unable to attend a game can sell their tickets to fellow Arsenal members or transfer them to family or friends.

Selling a Ticket on Ticket Exchange
http Season ticket holders unable to attend a game can make their ticket available once the match is sold out via the Ticket Exchange Service (subject to restrictions*).

Upon a buyer being found and a sale being made, your membership card will be disabled for the game while the buyer's membership card will be activated. The credit for the ticket sale (less a 10% administrative charge) will be deducted from the cost of your season ticket renewal or the funds can be withdrawn throughout the season using the Cashback service during the allotted timeslots advertised below.

Benefits of Selling a Ticket on Ticket Exchange:

• Better ticket availability for Red and Silver level members. Last season over 94,000 tickets were made available via this service. 
• Using this service enables season ticket holders the opportunity to seek financial return on their season ticket. 
• Tickets for European competitions can be sold on Ticket Exchange. This excludes ticket holders who are currently relocated due to UEFA requirements. 
• An interactive seat map will display all available tickets in one location, and simplifies the booking process for Silver and Red level members as we have created an environment which makes it easy to view available seats. 
• Platinum and Gold Members who cannot attend a game now have the ability to sell their ticket electronically to a Member of their choice once a fixture has officially sold out. 
• The Exchange provides members a secure and convenient service to resell tickets to fellow members. 
• We hope that this service will assist us in our objectives of eradicating the unauthorised and illegal sale of tickets through touts.

Transfer a Ticket with Ticket Exchange
Ticket Transfer gives Gold and Platinum Members the ability to electronically transfer their ticket to a game they cannot attend to a family member or friend – once the fixture has sold out.*

Once the Member has transferred their ticket to a fan via their online account and the recipient has accepted the transfer the recipient will print a coupon at home which will provide them access to the Stadium. The membership card of the Member will then be deactivated for the fixture.

Benefits of Transferring a Ticket on Ticket Exchange: 

• Transfer your ticket directly to a family member or friend of your choice and save yourself the trouble of having to hand over your membership card 
• Always feel comfortable in knowing who is sitting in your seat on a Matchday 
• Always make sure your seat is filled so the crowd stay loud and proud 
• Assist us in our objectives of eradicating the unauthorised and illegal sale of tickets through touts.

The Cashback Service (Enhancements to The Ticket Exchange)
The Cashback service will be available throughout each season during designated time slots. Cashback can be used by Platinum and Gold members and provides an additional way of reimbursing Members who have accrued monies via Ticket Exchange by withdrawing the proceeds of successful seats sold via Ticket Exchange and transferred in to your chosen bank account.

The Cashback service will be available each month from September during the season and the withdrawal periods will be advertised below throughout the season.

http hg7088.comPlease be reminded that funds will clear into your account after a minimum of 10 working days has passed from when the Cashback service has closed.

Cashback Time Slots for the 2019/20 Season

September Window - Closed

Opens - 10am on Friday 27th September 2019

Closes - 10am on Friday 4th October 2019

October Window

Opens - 10am on Friday 25th October 2019

Closes - 10am on Friday 1st November 2019 

November/December Window

http hg7088.comOpens - 10am on Friday 29th November 2019

http hg7088.comCloses - 10am on Friday 6th December 2019 

January Window

http hg7088.comOpens - 10am on Friday 17th January 2020  

http hg7088.comCloses - 10am on Friday 24th January 2020   

February Window

http hg7088.comOpens - 10am on Friday 28th February 2020    

Closes - 10am on Friday 6th March 2020   

March  Window - Gold Members only

http hg7088.comOpens - 10am on Friday 27th March 2020   

Closes - 10am on Friday 3rd April 2020   

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